Friday, September 2, 2011


We love the men in blue, and all their toys, too!

Check out this 1/12 scale NYPD Police Motorcycle by New-Ray!  This replica is done in die-cast metal with plastic parts and comes decorated in police and NYPD decals.  It also features a clear windshield and headlights, blue siren on the back, and can be easily displayed, so don't be afraid to put that kickstand out.  Just watch out for little (or big) imaginations racing through the hallways, catching the bad guys!

Price $18.95
Item #44073
1/12 scale
NYPD - BMW R1200RT-P Motorcycle

Next, we have this two-piece NYPD Police Tow Truck and Smart Car.  The tow truck is done in die-cast metal with plastic and the car is done in die-cast metal.  The main arm on the tow truck does go up with the cables pulling out.  The car features opening doors, and both models have clear windows and headlamps, and police and NYPD decals.  This is a cool little combo set with the patrol car giving out tickets while the tow truck hauls away the vehicles.

Price $20.95
Item #15735
1/43 scale
NYPD Tow Truck with NYPD Smart Car

You can check out the rest of our collection of New-Ray by visiting  We hope you have a safe holiday weekend!

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