Monday, May 6, 2013

Antique car series from New-Ray available this summer!

Take  a ride back in time with this series of antique cars, coming late this summer from New-Ray Including such classics as the 1910 Model T and the 1924 Chevy 1-Ton, decked out in Acme Demolition Co. and Pennzoil graphics, these are some old-time American icons you won't want to miss. 

We are taking pre-orders now, and you can see more detail on our website by clicking any one of the pictures or item numbers below:

1923 Chevy Series D 1 Ton Pick Up Truck hauling Propane tanks
#SS-55023A - 1/32 Scale

1910 Ford Model T - "Tin Lizzle"
#SS-55033A - 1/32 Scale

1923 Ford Model T Tow Truck
#SS-55083A - 1/32 Scale

Acme Demolition Co. - 1925 Ford Model T Pick Up Truck hauling barrels of TNT
#SS-55113 - 1/32 Scale

1931 Ford Model A - US Marshall's Van
#SS-55123A - 1/32 Scale

Sam's General Store - 1931 Ford Model A Pick Up Truck
#SS-55143A - 1/32 Scale

1928 Chevy Pennzoil Pick Up Truck hauling oil barrels
#SS-57003A - 1/32 Scale

1924 Chevy 1 Ton Series H Ambulance
#SS-57073A - 1/32 Scale

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