Monday, May 20, 2013

Just Pulled in from Ertl...Precision Elite Case 1570

We just got in this Precision Elite Case 1570 Tractor in 1/16 scale from Ertl. This is now available for you to add to your collection, whether that's a farming diorama, 1/16 scale collection or maybe this just takes you back to your days on the farm.

With this new arrival, Ertl was right with their slogan "Just like the real thing only smaller".

Case 1570 Tractor Precision Elite #2
#14843 - 1/16 scale

Some of my favorite features about this model include:
  • It is made of detailed diecast metal  
  • With a simple touch to the cab roof, you activate the rear cab, front, and interior lights as well as the flashers
  • The front weights and louver panels are removable
  • You can open up the cab door, rear window, and right side window to peek inside the cab
  • It also has other moving parts like the console levers and the 3-point hitch
Speaking of the real thing, do you want to take a ride in a real Case 1570 Tractor?...I hope you enjoy this video!


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