Friday, July 18, 2008

Brand New Norscot models arriving any day now!

Norscot is one of the most exciting lines for me. The models are always so well done - really the best in their field. Keep your eyes out for items that we are having done exclusively for us. I'll fill you in on those more later.

In our next shipment, to arrive any day now, we will be receiving a single, astonishing item that is new us.

Here we have a Caterpillar Kenworth W900 Tri-Axle Day Cab with Trail King Lowboy Trailer and 950H Wheel Loader. This is one very beautiful truck. Now, lets say you love the truck, but maybe you already have the construction piece that it's hauling. Or maybe you like the whole thing, but would prefer to load the truck with a piece you already have in you collection. Well, there's good new for you. One of the exclusive items we are doing is this very same truck, without the load, to arrive in November! Aren't you amazed?

We are planning on bringing in several new items September first, so keep checking back! I'm so excited.

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