Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SYSCO Alaska

We've been offered an opportunity to add the SYSCO Alaska truck by DCP to our inventory here at 3000toys. The SYSCO trucks have always been popular for us. It's so fun for me to be driving down the road with my family and suddenly say "hey, we have that truck!" Although I see lots of SYSCO trucks everywhere, I don't think I've seen a SYSCO Alaska one (obviously, since we're far from the "land of the midnight sun"). Someday I'm going to convince my husband that we need to move to Alaska. Any comments that might help me in this endevour will be used repeatedly.

This Freightliner Columbia, equipped with a unique looking Bull Bar, with SYSCO graphics comes with chromed double pup trailers, which is always a treat for me. We just received it last week, so they are ready to ship today. These will go fast because of a show an Discovery called "Ice Road Truckers," so be sure to get your hands on this limited item before it's gone!

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