Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lumber-ing Down the Road

As far as handymen go, I'm all thumbs. I can swing a hammer, sure, but I tend to swing it at the wrong nail. I have a ton of respect for those guys that can build anything, but I'm more inclined to watching and supervising. Therefore I tend to jump at the opportunity to feel rough and rugged and good with tools.

I don't know how tough a model can make you feel, but just looking at Unique Replicas' 1934 Ford BB-157 Flat-Bed Stake Truck puts the scent of sawdust in my nose and a little sweat on my brow.
UNIQUE REPLICAS - 18618 - 1/24 Price = $57.95

If there were ever a rugged model, this is the one. "Jack's Lumber Yard" on the door and the load of lumber on the back transport you to a drive down a dirt road on a the way to a house being built.

This truck is one of several new arrivals from Unique Replicas at, and there is surely one that will stoke the fires of your own dreams, ambitions, and desires. Get yours today!


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