Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A [Live] Ringer

Everyone likes a ring. If you're a sports fan you know that the professional players are all striving to win a championship ring. Outside of athletics, I can remember searching for the perfect ring for my wife before I proposed to her. When she said yes, I decided that rings are great.

We don't have diamond encrusted rings at, but we do have a sweet Mammoet Ring crane. It's the Mammoet PTC 35 DS - Platform TwinRing Double Stacked Heavy Lift Ringer Crane, to be exact. That's certainly a mouthful and this WSI made, 1/50 scale replica is also quite a handful.
Item: M410046 -- 1/50 Scale
Price: $2195.00

Beautifully detailed and an especially substantial model, the Mammoet PTC 35 DS is a Special Edition version of the famous Mammoet PTC Crane Model. This configuration is stronger and has a larger maximum capacity at a longer boom length. It will be delivered in an exclusive Mammoet package with an instruction guide and certificate, and will be produced in a limited edition of 250 pieces!

Check it out today and make sure to look at the rest of our WSI models!


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