Monday, August 1, 2011

Flip the Swtich

Ever wanted to take a look under your 1/24 scale replica, but didn't want to try too hard? Ever want to change its tire, but did have the right equipment? And I know you've probably wanted to balance those tires only to be turned away by dealerships and mechanics all around the world.

Hobby Gear feels your pain and is here to help. is happy to present these three stations, perfect for your garage layout or car diorama. Now you can lift your 1/24 scale replicas, and get closer than ever to an accurate pose of changing and balancing the tires. Truth be told, these stations are going to put the other 1/24 scale mechanics out of business.

I like all three, but the most impressive of the bunch is the battery operated replica 2-post Auto-lift (batteries not included). With only 3 AA batteries, you will be well on your way to raising and lowering your models with only the flip of a switch.

HOBBY GEAR - SB1003 - 1/24 Price = $29.95
Replica 2 Post Auto Lift - Battery Operated (battery not included)

And now the Tire Mounting Station and Tire Balancing Station:

HOBBY GEAR - 16070 - 1/24 Price = $5.95
Replica Tire Mounting Station

HOBBY GEAR - 16071 - 1/24 Price = $5.99
Replica Tire Balancing Station


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