Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Gem in the Cardboard Box: The M2Machines Chase Car

M2Machines is one of my favorite lines. They manufacture highly detailed, great quality cars in small production runs, making for some very sought-after collector items. What make them even more collectible are the rare Chase cars and Limited Edition cars inserted into the factory-sealed cases at random!

I know a lot of you have M2Machines cars - Which ones have been your favorite? Do we have any Chase or Limited Edition cars out there?

Pictures of most of the Chase and Limited Edition cars can be found on our website; additionally, on M2Machines' website there's a great reference with all the special cars for M2.

Their Chase cars come in several different styles, as shown below.

1/64 Scale & 1/24 Scale - Gold Wheels and Trim:

1/64 Scale - Colored Tires:
1/64 Scale - Chrome or Gold:

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