Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

This is one of my favorite times of the year. The rising temperatures and longer days are only a little bit of the fun. What I really enjoy is the NCAA Tournament that has started. The first two days are the best as the tournament gets narrowed down from 64 to 32 teams.

Often times, the teams that are playing each other would never meet during the regular season, but the tournament has provided them with a level playing field. I wonder if the tournament uses the Caterpillar 24M Motor Grader to level it out?

We at 3000toys think they ought to consider it! The M-series motor graders set the world wide standard for performance and precision--and the 24M is the largest of the line with a gross vehicle weight of more than 137,000 pounds. That is a whole lot of performance and precision!

The Norscot-manufactured model of the Caterpillar 24M Motor Grader has packed all of that performance and precision into a 1/50 scale model. The model even captures the size of the real thing by weighing in at over two pounds and measuring an impressive 13 inches long. However, the impressive size is overshadowed by the even more impressive details of this affordable model. Some of those features include:
  • Front suspension with oscillation and steering wheels
  • Rotating circle and blade
  • Forward, backward, left, and right adjusting blade
  • Raising and lowering ripper
  • Clear windows with interior cabin detail

This model is truly a fine example of craftsmanship and detail. It is a perfect addition to any construction collection and a great gift for the person whose bracket has already been busted: perhaps it can remind them that field is just being leveled out a little more.

Norscot 55264 -- 1/50 Scale -- Price = $107.95

Caterpillar 24M Motor Grader

Don't forget to check out this model on and while you're there, look through the entire Norscot line of models!

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