Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Back to Work

We're back at the offices here at, but our hearts and minds are still with those directly affected by the tragic tornado that hit our community on Sunday evening. Stories of survival and destruction are everywhere and we have two staff members who were directly affected by the storm. We ask that your prayers go out for them, and the rest of Joplin, as they try to piece their lives back together.

On the business side of things, we certainly appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to power through several days of work this morning. We are still committed to outstanding customer service and will do our best to quickly address all of the work that has come across our desks while we were without power.

If you are interested in trying to help, the City of Joplin has established the following phone numbers for people interested in donating their time or items to aid in the recovery effort:
  • Individual volunteers wanting to donate their time should call 417-625-3543
  • Volunteers wanting to donate items can call 417-625-3542
  • Volunteer groups (churches, businesses, etc.) should call 314-623-9991
Thanks once again for your thoughts, prayer, and support.

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