Monday, May 23, 2011

Beautiful Trucks

The Norscot CAT CT660 Trucks are big news!  

I know, the wait's getting to me, too.  These have grown to become some of my favorite pieces we carry, if not my top favorite... and I haven't even seen them yet!  We're expecting to get these awesome trucks in about two months, possibly three. 

While we're all waiting on our trucks, I'd like to share a neat find with you.

There's a CAT website that has a bunch of gorgeous pictures and desktop wallpapers of the CT660, with a variety of trailers and loads and in several different colors.  It also has a picture of the CT660 dump truck just like the one Norscot is releasing soon.  You can find all these pictures by clicking here.

A lot of you have already claimed yours.  If you haven't yet, you might as well - that way we can get it out to you as soon as they get here!

Item #55502 - 1/50 Scale - Price = $61.95
[July - August Arrival]
Caterpillar CT660 Dump Truck

Item #55503 - 1/50 Scale - Price = $76.95
[July - August Arrival]
Caterpillar CT660 On-Highway Truck With Lowboy Trailer

My favorite picture from the site I was talking about is the wallpaper with the blue cement mixer - so cool!  I just set it as the background on my laptop.  Enjoy!

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  1. I've seen the variety of trucks in the image gallery, and they're astonishingly big. I find The Concrete Mixer 005 the most startling among all the trucks there. It may be the color - gold adds more life and gleam to it. It would be a great experience to be able to drive one.