Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Highway 61 Brings Us a Beauty

We're back in business today, following a few days of power outages here at 3000toys.  Most of our staff is also back working today.  Please continue to keep Joplin in your thoughts and prayers throughout the next weeks and even months.  

On a lighter note, I wanted to share with you a great new car from Highway 61 that comes in four different colors.  We just received this last Thursday, and it's ready to ship out to you as soon as we can!

It's the 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro.  Features on this beauty include, but certainly are not limited to, fully opening doors and hood, detailed engine and interior, functional steering and suspension, rubber tires, authentic OEM paint scheme, and quality window box.  These come in 1/18 scale and retail for $99.99.

Item #50822 - 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro in Dusk Blue with White Stripes

Item #50823 - 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro in Daytona Yellow with Black Stripes    

Item #50824 - 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro in Fathom Green

Item #50825 - 1969 Baldwin Motion Camaro Pro Stock (1 of 600) in Hugger Orange with Black Stripes


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