Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Plowing into My Birthday and Christmas List

We have recently received a couple of new toys from Bruder! I wanted to pass along the news, because these 1/16 scale models really encompass all that Bruder is known for: high quality, impressive detail, and rugged functionality. Plus, they're really, really cool.

Be honest: you miss the winter weather, right? Just a little bit? Maybe you've still felt the last bits and pieces of winter's grasp, but our weather here is warming up and making me think fondly back to huge snow storms. Those storms always bring out the snow plows running around town and getting the roads ready and Bruder's Scania R-Series Snow Plow model helps me remember those days fondly.
Okay, so I don't really miss all of that snow.

But I am a fan of this model. It has a mix of diecast and high impact plastic parts, so this is a model that can be played with. With a moving blade and opening doors, the Scania R-Series Snow Plow is ready to plow it's way right into your heart as your favorite new toy.

Next up is the Scania R-Series Cargo Truck with Forklift and it too features a mix of diecast and high impact plastic parts. This model is chock full of functionality. Along with opening doors, this cargo truck features a removable storage box that raises and lowers. The storage box can also be supported by its four attached legs when removed from the truck. But that's not all! Also included is a posable forklift that can be transported along with the truck.

Whoa. That's a lot of features. If I would have known about these models when I was a kid, my parents would not have heard the end of my pleading. It would have been a year long plea for more Bruder toys with heightened activity around my birthday and Christmas. But since I didn't know, I might just have to purchase one now!

These models are in stock now, so go and grab yours today!
Bruder 03585
Price = $66.95

Bruder 03580
Price = $71.95

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