Friday, July 27, 2012

A legend and a Beast

Eligor will be releasing many new models over the next few months, and we have just received more than a dozen! This includes a wide variety of models from semis to old delivery vans, firetrucks, and even a couple race cars! I didn't want to try to show you all of them here, because I couldn't do them justice so I picked two of my favorites. Please check out Eligor's entire collection Here

Bugatti Type 35 - English Crew #7
1/43 Scale

Who doesn't like a good race car? I love these old racers, they are so elegant and they were the be all end all in their day. The Bugatti 35 was a phenomenon, it won over a thousand races in its prime. Including the Grand Prix in several years. This model is a replica of the #7 English race team. It is highly detailed, just look at the hand crank and the strapped on spare tire. I especially like the windshields with their tiny wiper blades and those leather like seats. 
Mmm. Yes please!!

2012 Desafio Peru Dakar Rally Truck
Renault Kerax     1/43 Scale

Check out this truck!
I have to admit, this truck made almost no sense to me when I first saw it. But it's so fun, with the cargo on top and all the logos and flags, it's a very eye catching truck. So Tom and I took some time to learn about it. 
So this is what I've learned so far, please jump in if you know more.
The Dakar is a rally race, It was held in January and was a 14 day race through three countries! Argentina, Chile and Peru. Drivers raced from the Atlantic ocean to the pacific and followed the Andes Mountain range. This truck crossed three countries, and a wide range of terrain in just fourteen days! That's really impressive. This truck is now even more interesting to me. 

Check out our website to see these and other great models from Eligor.
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