Monday, July 23, 2012

Great Gift Ideas from New-Ray

Are you looking for a birthday present?  Going away gift?  Happy back to school idea?  How about a "just because I love you" present?

I never need a reason to buy a gift.  I don't need a special occasion or special day, I just buy them regardless.  Honestly, I like to shop year-round and hide numerous gifts in my closet, because you never know when you're going to want to give one away.

In fact, just the other day I was going through my closet and found a hot pink watch that's still waiting for an owner.  I thought of my sister, who loves anything pink and who also happened to need a casual watch.  Sure enough, I gift-wrapped it and gave it to her the next time I was at her house.

Regardless of your shopping personality, we wanted to show you some great gift ideas from the New-Ray line.  We love New-Ray for many reasons.  For one, they offer such a wide variety of items from helicopters to farm toys to trucks - the list goes on.  Secondly, they're pretty affordable and who could say that's a bad thing?  I wish I could show you the entire selection, but it's too large!  So go ahead and check it out HERE.

Item #SS-37115 - 1/20 scale

 This might make a good gift for your little cowboy or farmer.  It comes with more than enough to fuel their imagination: 2 figurines, 2 horses, fence panels, trailer, truck, and accessories.

Item #SS-14203A - 1/32 scale

Seriously, what guy doesn't like trucks?  Especially when it comes in a generous 1/32 size with these awesome graphics on the side?  This truck has free-rolling wheels, opening doors, and more!

Item #SS-38055 - 1/32 scale

Another great gift for your cowboy!  This one comes packed with more horses and figurines and a trailer that can carry them all!

Item #01923-SET - 1/12 scale

These motorcycles come with engine sounds, front lights, rear lights, and even a bottom light.  Motorcycles are great when cars, trucks, horses, and tractors just won't do.

Item #87865 - 11/14 scale

Not gonna lie - I kind of want one and I'm a grown woman.  This is fun and unique because it's not your normal every day remote controlled item.  It's not a car, truck, or airplane, and maybe this would be the perfect item for someone who already has all those "normal" R/C toys.

From the team here at we wish you a blessed week!  Please enjoy the rest of your Monday and visit us online any time!

- Danna


  1. Me gustan mucho los camiones y tambien me gusta la pick up con los caballos.

  2. Those ideas about gifts were interesting for kids. Can you suggest some more unique ideas?