Saturday, July 28, 2012

Watch the Olympics opening ceremony?

Did you watch the Olympics opening ceremony last night?  That was quite a production!  I felt the beginning with the farms was a little slow, but the industrial revolution started moving things along and created quite a bit of exciting things to watch.  My favorite was the forged metal rings coming together in the air to form the Olympic rings!!  Amazing!

Watching it reminded me of our Corgi London Olympic souvenirs.  
We still have a few available.

CORGI - GS62202 -  

CORGI - GS62206 -  London 2012 Olympics - Wenlock Guard Keyring

CORGI - GS62225 -  London 2012 Olympics - Telephone Box Keyring

CORGI - TY82319 - 1/64  London 2012 Olympics - Routemaster Bus

CORGI - TY85907 - 1/64  
London 2012 Olympics - London Taxi

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