Monday, July 9, 2012

Exciting New Models from NZG!

Just last week NZG announced several new replicas set to be released this summer and fall! They have taken classic pieces and made them in these company colors for the first time! These exquisite models feature all the precision and detail you expect from NZG Models.

The Liebherr R 944 C Litronic Tunnel Machine
Now in the K├Ąppeli colors and featuring their logo 
on the arm and on the back of the model. 
Item # 808-02

The Liebherr A 904 Litonic Material Handler
Now in the Richi colors and featuring their logo 
on the arm and on the back of the model.
Item # 683-01

 The Vogele Super 2100 Paver 
Now in the Richard Shulz colors and featuring their logo on the side.  
Item # 670-03

Also in the Leitenmaier colors and featuring their logo on the side. 
Item #670-02

The Komatsu PC3000-6 Front Shovel
Now in the Celtic Energy colors and Featuring their Logo 
on the back and the side of the model.
Item # 6131-01

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