Friday, July 20, 2012

Youth is Wasted on the Young

Universal has recently released several new models, and I wanted to tell you about them and I realized while thinking about this blog post that I am still 10. I was looking at these great models and thinking, "What do I want to say about them?". They made me think of the drought, and then heat, and I head indoors when it's hot. So then I was thinking how much fun you could have with these. I imagined this large sandbox (inside of course) and planting crops, watering them, and cultivating them, and 1/32 scale crops growing, and I suddenly realized, I am still a child. So, make the kid in you happy and check out these great models, and who knows, maybe you'll join me on my imaginary, miniature, indoor farm. 

New Holland CR9090 
rotary combine, 1/32 scale
Late December - January Arrival

 1961 David Brown 990 
Implematic Tractor, 1/16 scale
July - August Arrival

Deutz-Fahr Agrotron TTV430 
Communal Tractor, 1/32 Scale
September - October Arrival

New Holland T7.210 Dual Wheel Tractor in limited edition Terra Cotta, 1/32 
Limited edition, 
only 2,500 pieces.
[August - September Arrival

Universal has raised the bar with these new implements. 
They are interesting and unique and will be the perfect addition to any collection or miniature indoor farm. The more I talk about it the more I want one. I wonder if it's even possible? Can you buy real 1/32 scale corn? But I digress, Check these out while I try to figure out where in my house I can put my mini farm. 

Wacker-Neuson BS60 Rammer Tamper, 1/12 Scale
July - Aug Arrival

I will also need a small forest to log, you know, so I can build my small cabin and barn and house and everything. Also because this is neat. 

Rebaud Mounted Log Splitter, 1/32

October - November Arrival

Rebaud Mounted Auger, 1/32 Scale
October - November Arrival

Hydrac Front Mounted Blade, 1/32 Scale
October November Arrival

Ok, I haven't figured out what I will use this for, any ideas? I guess it's a good thing it doesn't come out for a few months!
 Hydrac Mounted Gritter
Late December - January Arrival

Please check out our entire selection of Universal Hobbies, You can find more tractors and implements in these and other scales including 1/16 and 1/50. 
We have many other brands and there are also new replicas being added so stop by frequently to see what's new.

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