Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dig...Crush..What Would You Do With An Excavator?

There are so many exciting things you can do with Excavators...

How about Dueling?

Picture provided by Extreme Sandbox

Car Crushing?

Or just digging?

Picture provided by Steamboat Today
Some of the very first excavators were steam powered and used as early as the late 1700's.  In the late 1800's, electric motor powered excavators were brought to the market.  Many various excavators followed... including the backhoe, bucket wheel, skid loader, drag line, and suction excavators.

From digging to demolishing...for fun or matter how big or small...excavators can get the job done!

So...What would you do with an Excavator? 

Norscot has replicated some great excavators and they are arriving later this Summer or Fall...

Caterpillar M316D Wheel Excavator
#55171 - 1/50 Scale - August/September Arrival

Features of this model include:
• Moveable boom, stick, and bucket
• Rear stabilizing outriggers
• Detailed enclosed cab

Caterpillar 336E H Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator 
#55279 - 1/50 Scale - August/September Arrival

Features of this model include: 
• Moveable metal tracks 
• Moveable boom, stick, and bucket 
• Rotates 360 degrees on chassis 
• Replicates the first machine built by Caterpillar that used patented and revolutionary hydraulic hybrid technology

Caterpillar 302.5 Mini-Hydraulic Excavator with Work Tools 
#55085 - 1/32 Scale - September/October Arrival

Features of this model include: 
• Tracks that roll
• Main body swivels 360 degrees
• Dozer blade raises and lowers
• Boom raises and lowers
• Includes 3 interchangeable work tools: ditch cleaning bucket, digging bucket, and hammer

Caterpillar 315C Hydraulic Excavator - HO scale 
#55107 - 1/87 Scale - September/October Arrival
Features of this model include:
• Movable boom, stick, and bucket
• Rotates 360 degrees on chassis
• Movable tracks 
• Detailed interior cab

To see these and other exciting Norscot here to visit our website.

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