Monday, July 29, 2013

Since the Beginning of Time...

There has been one problem that has lasted through the ages: How to get rid of trash?

Picture provided by Waste & Recycling News
There are many ways to dispose of your trash...however, one of the most popular is to set it out on the curb for your friendly trash service to dispose of it.

Bruder - #02607 - 1/16 Scale

One of the very first garbage trucks was a simple cart pulled by men and later on pulled by horses.  With the invention of the automobile, trash disposal became mechanized.  

There are many different types of garbage trucks on the road today, including rear load compactor, side load compactor, and the front load compactor.  They are basically all the same, except for the material is just dumped into a different place on each truck. 

First Gear, Eligor, and name a few...have done a great job replicating these wonderful trucks to honor the hard work of sanitation departments around the world. 

First Gear #10-3785 - 1/34 Scale
Department of Sanitation - Mack L Rear Load Garbage Truck 

Bruder #02761 - 1/16 Scale
MAN Side Loading Garbage Truck 

Eligor #01434 - 1/43 Scale
Hotchkiss PL20 Garbage Truck 

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