Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NZG Kleeman Mobicat MC 110 Z Crushing Its Way In...

The Kleeman Mobicat MC 110 Z Mobile Jaw Crusher by NZG is a replication of the smallest mobile jaw crusher in the Kleeman range.

The jaw crusher is primarily used for crushing gravel along with demolition and construction waste.

This NZG model has a number of great features including:
  • Sturdy diecast metal construction with very few plastic parts
  • Opening side panels on the crusher assembly to reveal the fly wheel and drive belt
  • Simulated spring suspension
  • Authentic graphics
  • Nicely modeled handrails and access steps
  • Individually linked tracks with great bolt detail
Picture provided by Miniature Construction World

NZG's Kleemann MC 110 Z Mobile Jaw Crusher #878 in 1/50 Scale is expected to arrive in  August / September .  

To see the real machine in action...Watch the video below:

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