Friday, July 12, 2013

Volvo BM: The Tracks of the Past...

After World War II, the demand for farm tractors and construction equipment of all kinds increased.  This was an opportunity for Volvo and Bolinder-Munktell (BM) to start their innovation journey together.
Volvo was so impressed with the quality of BM products and their company, they acquired them in 1950.

Together, they modernized the tractors with integrated cabs and increased hydraulics. In 1979, with declining profitability, they started to phase them out and the last agricultural tractor left in 1984.  

However, their journey did not stop there.  With the tractor's drive-line, they were able to develop new construction and forestry machines. 

Universal Hobbies has done a nice job replicating Volvo BM's quality with the Volvo BM 350 Wide Front Tractor.
Volvo BM 350 Wide Front Tractor
#6101 - 1/43 Scale

Even after 1984, you will still see the Volvo BM brand on the Valmet.  In 1979, Volvo BM and Valmet partnered  together and produced tractors under the Volvo BM Valmet brand.  Then in 1985, Valmet bought out Volvo BM's portion.

Volvo BM Valmet 705 Tractor in Red
#2838 - 1/32  Scale

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